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Holes in the Walls

A Narrated Fiction by Jim Dymo As Jim careened past the threshold of the front door, he entered his home.What was once a happy abode had become a prison of his own making.This home – a three bedroom, two bath apartment – had endured countless eruptions from Mount Dymo. “Sixteen holes.I count sixteen holes in all of the walls including the kitchen,” Jim said. “Are you sure you know how to fix this, and make it look as though there was no damage when we leave the apartment?So we can get our deposit back?” Patty asked. “I might not be able to fix the damage done to you guys, but I definitely know how to fix these walls,” Jim exclaimed. It had been a devastating semester in school, a devastating six months at home, and a tormenting eternity – mentally – for Jim.He had never experienced such rage, such ability to tap into his adrenaline system, before in his life.He, like most adolescent boys, had experienced his fair share of fights.As a matter of fact, he boasted a personal record of “9 wins…

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